Welcome! I’m so happy you found my website.

My poetry collection, Grace Leads, I Follow: Poems of Trauma and Transformation, evolved naturally within me in response to a traumatic fall. Challenged by the effects of the fall, I felt both joy and suffering increase in my life in equal proportion. A sense of raw exposure opened my heart as the world around me shifted, appearing more full-bodied and vibrant. As I embraced life more deeply, a new heart-aching gratitude was implanted within me. Meaning spoke in everything, and all was sacred.

My mind began to weave this meaning into phrases that intrigued me. I wrote them down in a journal, and over time my jumble of jottings became poems. While observing, contemplating, and translating into words the emotions and thoughts from my lightest and darkest times, I refused to lose myself to pain and clung to the vitality of life.

I use my passion to assist others who have experienced catastrophic events to heal more fully and to live wholly within the reality of their circumstances. I am inspired by the wisdom and resiliency of the human body and spirit; the beauty of the natural world; and the simple yet profound pleasures of daily living.

In accepting suffering as well as joy in my daily experience, I have learned to use its rich soil for renewal and growth. As a result, I can now choose again and again to be fully as I am, embracing life in all my human complexity.

So can you. Here’s to the journey!


“Lisa’s meditative, spare language uncovers the vivid, elemental nature of being human. As she passionately leans into the inevitable risks of such uncovering, she discovers that this raw and holy place brings welcome excitement and more life.”

—John Fox
Author of Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making